Jeffrey LewisDTIC Removes Draft Documents

It took about four days, but DTIC removed the Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations and other draft documents from its website.

I downloaded the documents, however.

Here are the four documents in a single, zipped file.


  1. J. (History)

    Oh you sly dog…

  2. J. (History)

    They pulled the entire JEL off-line! All the current joint pubs as well as drafts are not accessible. Damn you, ArmsControlWonk, you’ve done it now… How am I going to get to my basic JP 1-02 DOD definitions now…

  3. Superfancy (History)

    Thank you so much for your work. This blog is a work of Patriotism, in my opinion.

    It is a testament to the validity of blogging as an act of journalism and democracy. Congratulations.
    —The Last Conservative