Jeffrey LewisNSC Shuffle: Luti Takes AC Portfolio

Chris Nelson reports that Bill Luti (pictured with Doug Feith) will replace Frank Miller as Senior Director for Defense Policy and Arms Control on the new look Bush II NSC staff.

Luti is a former aide to Newt Gingrich and Dick Cheney. As Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Special Plans and Near East and South Asian Affairs, Luti was knee deep in the Feith-based intelligence scandal as Director of the Office of Special Plans and the Larry Franklin investigation.

Nelson shares this from “an experienced observer”:

Luti is widely judged one of the real crazies at the Pentagon, so he should fit in just fine in the OEOB.

Luti’s gig is not one of the five deputy national security advisers (DNSA) positions reporting to Principal Deputy National Security Advisor (APDNSA) JD Crouch.

Those positions were created to “focus interagency efforts on the President’s priorities”—or, at least, that is what the memo signed by National Security Advisor Steve Hadley , obtained by Inside the Pentagon, said.

I think “enforce White House discipline” is more like it.

So, Luti’s in the West Wing, but he won’t have one of the really hot jobs like DNSA for Global Democracy Strategy. That job went to convicted liar Elliott Abrams. Maybe, with a little hard work, Luti will also have the opportunity to perjure himself, sully the dignity of public service and move up the ranks.

Luti does have a big mouth. The Draft Zinni folks will be pleased to know that Luti reportedly called General Zinni a “traitor” in a meeting.

I’ve got ten bucks that says Zinni, at 58, could kick Luti’s ass.

Any takers?


  1. EARL (History)

    he,he,he,he…..Feith-based….how funny.

  2. JLo (History)

    I’ll see your ten and raise you five, but only because I don’t expect a fair fight. I take Zinni to be a good fighter, but you don’t get jobs like Luti’s had without a whole arsenal of dirty tricks.

  3. Alex

    I’ll see your 15 and raise you another 10! Luti might not fight fair, but he’ll likely believe all sorts of false things about Zinni before hand that will have him preparing for the wrong fight.

    The neo-cons might have a hold on irrationality, hate, and amorality, but that won’t be any match against a strong & rational fighting machine.