Jeffrey LewisDid We Say that UF6 Was From North Korea?

Yeah, or that Libyan UF6 could be from Pakistan.

But the International Atomic Energy Agency, which conducted tests on the materials, has not reached the same finding and believes that the evidence is inconclusive.

Several experts said the process of elimination cited by the Times still left open the possibility of other sources for the uranium—and did not show that it was converted to UF6 in North Korea. The experts see problems as well with the plutonium test cited by The Post.

IAEA tests on the same container—using samples taken at the same time the United States took samples last spring—did not indicate the presence of plutonium, and the United States has not shared the results of its plutonium tests with the international agency. Moreover, the suspect container originated from Pakistan, officials said yesterday. The presence of plutonium indicates that it was in North Korea but there is no way to know the origin of the contents of the cylinder, investigators said.

Chris Nelson nailed this last night when he pointedly noted that the “articles reflect Administration efforts to pump up two things: that NK has another option for fissile material production (maybe), and that they are prepared to sell stuff they can produce (again, UF6, not HEU).”

Pump up, indeed.

Didn’t these ass-clowns learn anything from Iraq?