Jeffrey LewisRademaker at ACA

Both Paul and I were at the Arms Control Association annual meeting today, which included remarks by Assistant Secretary of State Stephen Rademaker.

You’ll be hearing more about Rademaker’s talk …


  1. Dan (History)

    I dunno, I’m more in the mood for catty comments about his wife. If only there were a website that considered my needs…

  2. Michael Roston (History)

    My latest check on Friendster shows me that Simone Ledeen is no longer single. Too bad for all you aspiring neo-cons out there.

  3. JLo (History)

    I’m with Dan. What would one do with copies of Arms Control Today strewn across the bedroom floor? Enquiring minds want to know.

  4. Stephen Moore (History)

    The text of Rademaker’s remarks can be found here:

    I expect we’ll see some of his assertions challenged…

  5. Jeffrey (History)

    Thanks. I am just waiting a decent interval.

    I had a post just ridiculung Rademaker. The not so subtle implication was that he … well, let’s just say I mentioned his wife, AEI’s Danielle Pletka.

    Out of deference to Paul’s day-job, I took it down.

    But many of Rademaker’s remarks were what my Dad would call lies. (People in Washington are really reluctant to use that word, though reading talking points you don’t believe is lying, even if everybody does it.)

    Perhaps most disturbing, the punk reads the tp like he really believes them.