Jeffrey LewisIraq: No Large-Scale Chemical Warfare Efforts Since Early 1990s

No kidding.

Arm Chair Generalist, a promising progressive international security blog, beats me to this one:

The LA Times reports that the CIA has released a classified document noting that Baghdad abandoned its chemical weapons program in 1991 and “Iraq probably did not pursue chemical warfare efforts after 1991.” This report, dated January 18, is largely based on the findings by the Iraq Survey Group, led by David Kay and, later, Charles Duefler.

The Los Angeles Times article wraps up with a couple of tidbits, including revelation of a 4 January 2005 report focused delivery systems and forthcoming reports to revise CIA estimates regarding Iraq’s stockpiles of biological weapons and nuclear weapons programs.

As far as I can tell, the way to think of the documents is as updated fact sheets, based on the Iraq Survey Group. For those us without clearances, I recommend Paul’s article in the November 2004 Arms Control Today.