Jeffrey LewisGrilling Bodman

Whereas Condi’s confirmation hearing was largely theater (16-2), the upcoming confirmation hearing for Secretary of Energy nominee Samuel Bodman (right) offers a real opportunity to resolve an enigma for Senate Democrats.

Bodman is a chemical engineer with no background in national security issues—a strange c.v. for a man who will head the country’s nuclear weapons establishment.

Michael Roston has a commentary in Albuquerque Tribune calling on New Mexico’s Senators Pete Domenici and Jeff Bingaman to “ask tough questions [and] bring the plans of Bush and his nominee on America’s nuclear weapons infrastructure out into the open.”

As Michael said in an e-mail:

Over the last four years, Americans of conscience may not have prevented President Bush from pursuing his ill-conceived war in Iraq. But we have prevented him from starting a nuclear war.

To keep it that way (no nuclear wars), Michael is organizing New Mexican bloggers over on Nuclear Test Watch to contact Senators Domenici and Bingaman. It would be great if Daily Kos or Atrios could provide a little help.