Jeffrey LewisCTR Funding Restored and a little Administrivia

A proposal to cut $46 million from Cooperative Threat Reduction programs in the FY 2006 budget has been reversed.

CTR will, instead, enjoy a $5 M increase in FY 2005. Or that is what I hear from contractors. [The Boston Globe now reports that the White House over-ruled the Defense Department and restored the money.]

The Administration budget does reduce FY 2007—2011 out years by $7 M a year—which may also be reversed.

We’ll know for sure when the Administration rolls out its budget on or around February 4.


I am off to the annual meeting of the American Economic Association in Philadelphia, to participate in a panel organized by the Economists Aligned for Arms Reduction.

I’ll be taking about space weapons spending in the FY 2005 Defense Budget

In the meantime, check out Steve Moore’s new blog, No BMD, eh? which is, as you might guess, “A Canadian blog against missile defence.”