Jeffrey LewisBack From London

I am back from London—where the steadily escalating death toll from the Asian tsunami added a somber note to the festivities.

Regular postings will resume tomorrow morning.

There will be no end to the ration of crap I am going to give Paul for not managing a single posting in my absence.

In all fairness, he is probably working his ass off with the ACA Annual Meeting and Luncheon. (Which reminds me that I need to renew my membership and send in my RSVP by January 17.)


  1. PKerr (History)

    Writing for ACT til 12/21+ no computer at parents’ home from 12/22-31 + hosting guests from 12/31-1/2 + catching up on news + writing for the Jan/Feb ACT = no posts.

    And I am lazy. Whatever. You can cut my salary.

    And Radiohead is overrated, though not as much as U2.

  2. JLo (History)

    Any journalist capable of forming a nuanced view of Radiohead’s brief transit and nearing eclipse ought to be able to dash out a couple of lines to the effect that nuclear weapons are a bad thing (though purchasing a computer for his parents would be entirely optional).

    I’ll be mighty surprised if U2-aka the Clear Channel house band-don’t play an inaugural ball or two.