Jeffrey LewisHu Jintao visits Zhu Guangya

Keep no-fist use. Now, how ‘bout those dumplings?

Zhu Guangya, one of the fathers of China’s nuclear weapons programs, received a visit from Chinese President Hu Jintao to solicit “opinions and suggestions … on the country’s development of science and technology” according to the Xinhua news agency.

This could just be a courtesy call—Hu also visited a well-known mathematician.

But, you know, with all the changes in U.S. nuclear policy and likely progress on China’s own defense programs … when the the new man at the helm of China’s ship of state calls on Zhu Guangya … I can’t help but speculate.

I do not know if this meeting is related to the senior-level Chinese working group tasked with revising how China presents its nuclear posture (though not the posture itself).

It could just be about hunting bears.

Late Update: Xinhua has a very short biography of Zhu, along with a story about the asteroid that’s been named after him.