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I’ll be guest bloggin’ over at though the end of the week.

My first post— concerning Russian efforts to market commerical launch services using to-be-decomissioned SS-18 ICBMS—is up there now.

While guest blogging, I will still post particularly wonky things at


  1. Boots (History)

    Very interesting, your blog is. And just a touch quirky. I’m enjoying.

  2. Pavel Podvig (History)

    Couldn’t comment at, so posting it here.

    SS-18s have been used for space launches already (four times, to be precise, beginning in 1999. See for details).

    I’m not sure that START I limits launches – it probably applied only to those 154 SS-18 missiles that it was to eliminate. Russia has already liquidated 200 of SS-18 (see

    SS-18 toxicity is not a problem at all – quite a few Russian space launchers use the same UDMH fuel.

    P.S. I liked your blog very much. A very good resource.