Jeffrey LewisKadish to NASA?

Keith Cowing is reporting that former Missile Defense Agency Director Ronald Kadish may replace Sean O’Keefe as NASA Administrator.

O’Keefe is leaving for the ever popular “spend more time with his family” reason and is under consideration for Chancellor of Louisiana State University.

“This is not good, if it is true,” notes one of my space-geek buddies. “This move would be more about defensification than exploration.”

Kadish turned over the keys to the BMDS this summer and was set to retire effective Setember 1. I can’t, for the life of me, figure out what Kadish has been up to since then.

Update: claims Kadish is “leading the president’s list,” which includes four other candidates: ’”former Congressman Robert Walker and former shuttle astronauts Ron Sega, Charles Bolden and Robert Crippen.”

A decision is expected by Thursday.