Jeffrey LewisRussian ABM Test

TASS reports that the Russian Strategic Rocket Forces tested an ABM interceptor at its Sary-Shagan facility in Kazakhstan on Monday. A spokesman for the Strategic Rocket Forces told TASS

“All the tactical and technical performance characteristics of the missile were confirmed, which enables us to make a positive decision on the extension of the service life of this type of missile systems.”

“We intend to carry on work to improve and modernize the country’s anti-missile defense system,” added Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov.

Russia last tested an interceptor from the system, which is deployed around Moscow, in November 1999. The 1999 test—the first since 1993—also took place at Sary-Shagan to confirm a service life extension program.

The current Russian ABM system comprises 100 nuclear-armed interceptors and several radars stationed around Moscow. There is some question whether the EMP resulting from an attempted intercept would knock out these facilities and render the system useless.

Above: A map of the Moscow ABM System (right) from the 1984 edition of Soviet Military Power (via the Federation of American Scientists).