Jeffrey LewisStill no Ambassador to the IAEA

I managed to miss that the Bush Administration withdrew James Cunningham’s nomination as Ambassador to the IAEA on October 8.

At least until Richard Boucher admitted yesterday that he had no idea who was representing the United States in Vienna:

QUESTION: Related to [Iran-EU3 negotiations], what’s the status of your representation at the IAEA now that the Senate scotched Mr. Cunningham’s nomination?

MR. BOUCHER: I, frankly, don’t know who’s out there as chargé, but I’ll check.

QUESTION: So that as far as you know, there hasn’t been a new nomination?

MR. BOUCHER: I’ll have to check.

Don’t you kind of think we should have someone working on this?


  1. Jason Ipe (History)

    Does anyone know if there has been any follow up on this? Has the White House submitted another nomination for ambassador to the IAEA?