Jeffrey LewisImpasse at the Conference on Disarmament

My talk at the UN went well today. I heard a couple of especially blunt comments by officials from national delegations to the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva. Among the things I heard:

  • The Conference remains at an “impasse” created by the United States. The United States has a responsibility to issue “at least a public statement” explaining its current policy instead of the Washington’s current “studied silence” in response to “major concessions” by Russia and China.
  • China and Russia were finalizing another PAROS (preventing an arms race in outer space) working paper concerning definitions and may issue a third, informal working paper concerning the protection of space assets.
  • UNIDIR will organize another international conference on PAROS in Geneva. I’ve been to the last two and have my fingers crossed.

Oh, and I gave a talk which will be posted on this site when I learn how to do that in Text Pattern.