Jeffrey LewisJust Make Facts Up! They're Chinese, No One Will Notice!

I notice that some fellow traveler found her way to my site with the following search string: “ken timmerman make quotes up”

Timmerman recently drew my ire for a series of incredible assertions regarding the DF-31 and the CZ-2C Smart Dispenser Upper Stage: The DF-31 is deployed! It can carry three nuclear warheads!

Charles R. Smith, of the Scaife-funded website, is another of the type. Smith recently published an article, entitled “Losing the Next War – Chinese Space War Heats Up,” with an undocumented description of Qinghua University as “The Chinese Army-run Qinghua University …”

Having just been to Qinghua not two weeks ago, I/’ll bet MIT receives more support from the Pentagon than Qinghua receives from the PLA, particularly since most Chinese aerospace assets were concentrated at Beihang after a major reorganization in, if I remember correctly, the 1950s.

Smith also referred to Surrey Satellite Technology Limited as Surry Space Systems. Sigh.