Jeffrey LewisPennsylvanians go to the Polls

“Citing the backing of President Bush, Sen. Arlen Specter voted Tuesday in the Republican primary, seeking a fifth term and hoping to ward off a strong challenge by Rep. Pat Toomey.” Polls close at 8:00 pm.

Democrats have been torn about this race: Toomey is Santorum Redux, but would be an easier mark for Rep. Joseph M. Hoeffel (D) in the November Senate race. “The Democrats are on the sidelines hoping that I lose,” Specter said.

Well, not this Democrat.

Specter was one of only four Republicans who voted to ratify the CTBT. The others were Jim Jeffords (VT), Gordon Smith (OR), and the late John Chafee (RI). Voting your conscience on the “longest sought, hardest fought prize in the history of arms control” is good for one free pass from this arms control wonk.

Toomey meanwhile, is also a member of the black helicopter crowd:

“I disagree with the whole liberal, John Kerry-Arlen Specter multi-nationalist view of our foreign policy.”

“We need to make sure we don/’t cede our sovereignty to these multinational organizations that don/’t have American interests at heart.”

He hasn/’t launched into any UN conspiracies (yet, in public); but Toomey has mocked the lone gunmen theory in the Kennedy assasination.

UPDATE: Toomey is really serious about the Kennedy stuff. Check out his website. This guy is really, seriously, maybe clinically insane.

And what is it with the right-wing and Kennedy conspiracy theories? First, Scott McClellan/’s dad writes Blood, Money & Power: How L.B.J. Killed J.F.K. and now this?