Jeffrey LewisNear Field IR Experiment Will Hit to Kill

MDA now hopes the NFIRE KV will collide with its target during the “simulated” engagement with a ballistic missile. This would, as ABC News reported, be “the first real step” towards the “unprecedented weaponization of space.”

The anonymous Pentagon official who told Jim Oberg that “the kill vehicle/’s fangs have been pulled: It lacks the steering jets that would be required to ram a target in space” either didn/’t know what (s)he was talking about or was lying. Space News reports that MDA thinks the KV has a “significant chance” to collide with the missile.

Here is a letter that I wrote to MSNBC arguing that the statements by anonymous Pentagon officials to present NFIRE as “fairly routine” were false, misleading and evasive.

My talk at the Prepcom is tomorrow. This will be featured heavily.