Jeffrey LewisIraqi Governing Council: Resignations & Codemnations over Fallujah

Two members of the US-appointed Iraqi Governing Council have resigned over the operation in Fallujah and three others have condemned the operation.

Abdel Karim Mahud al-Mahamadawi said “we have failed the Iraqi people”, while Abdel Basit Turki, according to another member, “could not carry on his mission in light of the latest escalation in which he sees a clear violation of human rights in Iraq.”

Ghazi Ajil al-Yawer threatened to resign, telling AFP “How can a superpower like the US put itself in a state of war with a small city like Falluja? This is genocide.”

Adnan Pachachi said the operation was “illegal and totally unacceptable” and Mahmoud Uthman described US policy as “counter-productive.”

That a lot of members of the Council.

There is virtually no coverage of this in the US press as of 18:20 today, although AP just put it out.

UPDATE: I managed to track down this little nugget of wisdom from DEPSECDEF, dated 02 April 04:

There/’s not going to be any difference in our military posture [after the June 30 handover], except that we will be there then at the invitation of a sovereign Iraqi government, which I am quite sure will want us to stay there until killers like the ones who perpetrated these atrocities in Fallujah are brought under control. [Emphasis added, of course]

Or maybe not …