Jeffrey LewisCondi on Meet the Press

Rice just declined to testify before the 9/11 commission, “not a matter of preference; this is a matter of principle. It has long been a legal and constitutional principle that assistants to the president, the presidential staff, do not testify before legislative bodies.”

Which country is she talking about? Sandy Berger is willing to testify before the Commission and, while serving as Special Assistant, testified to Congress regarding missile defense.

During Iran-Contra, former National Security Adviser Robert “Bud” McFarlane testified before Congress and sitting Deputy Special Assistant Colin Powell (he would become special assistant in months) was deposed by the Select Committees.

Kissinger testified before the Senate in 1975, claiming that he ended support for the coup plotters in Chile before General Schneider was murdered – A claim that is called into question by recently declassified documents.

Rice also made some other odd claims, predicting victory for the PP in Spanish elections (“I believe the Spanish people understand that they/’ve had strong and good leadership in President Jose Maria Aznar and his government”) and stating that Iraq was “more dangerous than North Korea because [it] sits in the Middle East.” Are you looking at me, Bahrain?