Jeffrey LewisLast comments on the Spanish Election

First, claiming this election is a victory for Al-Qaeda is no different than claiming that electing Kerry is a victory for Al Qaeda. The PP lost the election because enough voters believe the PP lied about the presence of WMD in Iraq and attempted to obscure Al-Qaeda’s involvement in the Madrid bombings. Spanish voters saw the drift in the war on terror, expressed as the government/’s willingness to say anything to advance its political agenda, and opted for a course correction.

Second, if/when there is a troop pull-out, blame Bush. Will Bush accept that he is failing in his central responsibility of leadership – articulating a compelling vision for the war on terror – and order a course correction, himself? Will he make a serious diplomatic effort to gain the support of the new Spanish government? Bush reportedly didn’t mention Iraq in his courtesy call to Zapatero and Powell was reduced to regurgitating old talking points about how a new resolution to “modify” the mandate would be “appropriate” after the handover.

Nope. Looks like it will be up to the American electorate in November.