Jeffrey LewisDoes Rumsfeld Still Want to Withdraw From Kosovo?

NATO is sending additional troops to quell the violence in Kosovo, which the OSCE believes was organized.

In August, Rumsfeld suggested we reduce U.S. forces in Bosnia and Kosovo.

It reminds me of when Governor Bush campaigned on withdrawing all U.S. peacekeepers from the Balkans, before “getting mugged by reality” to borrow a phrase from the neo-cons. Condi Rice famously suggested that “We don/’t need to have the 82nd Airborne escorting kids to kindergarten.”

How about keeping the KLA from burning Serbs out of their houses?

The Bush Administration, by the way, is sill planning the inexplicable withdrawal of the remaining 1,200 US peacekeepers from Bosnia by the end of this year – without having captured either Radovan Karazdic and Ratko Mladic, two of Europe/’s worst war criminals.