Jeffrey LewisKadish says no space-based missile defense

“From the standpoint of the threats we face at this particular time in the evolution of the missile defense systems, we don/’t need to put weapons in space,” Lt. Gen. Ronald Kadish, Director of the Missile Defense Agency (MDA), recently told the 2nd Annual Missile Defense Conference organized by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, according to The comment is important, because the Bush Administration is attempting to placate Canada, which has implied that it will not participate in a BMDS System with space-based interceptors.

“But that situation may or may not last a long time,” he added. Just can/’t leave well enough alone, can he?

I think Kadish is probably trying to keep interest in the space-based component alive and generate congressional support for more funding. In his March 11 Senate testimony, Kadish made it clear that MDA was focused on terrestrial basing modes due to budget constraints:

DOLE: General Kadish, could you explain why you are pursuing boost phase capability and what it would bring to a layered defense? And please discuss any plans you may have for space-based components or any movement toward space-based capabilities such as kinetic energy boost phase interceptors.

KADISH: Senator, we have very few dollars in the budget at this point to handle a space-based capability at all. Our primary focus is all terrestrially based in our efforts.

Kadish testifies before the House Armed Services Committee tomorrow. We/’ll see what he says.