Jeffrey Lewis"I Like Ike" and other shameless efforts at self-promotion

1. The Eisenhower National Security Series has a published a report from a recent conference, U.S. Space Operations in the International Context (February 2004, Washington, D.C.), co-sponsored by the Eisenhower Institute. “This program explored the strategic and operational implications of space and our current policies by bringing together strategic thinkers from congress, think tanks and the military.

2. The Center for Defense Information/’s Space Security Project has published a report, Selected Programs in the 2005 Appropriations Process that warns “momentum is building behind programs that could lead to space weapons – including anti-satellite and space-based terrestrial strike weapons.”

Regular readers of may recognize the disarmingly bipartisan author of both.

Hardcopies are available with a handsome color cover and heavy bond paper. Please contact the Eisenhower Institute and Center for Defense Information, or the author.