Jeffrey LewisAnheung Proving Ground

Pssssst! Want to see South Korea’s missile test site?

South Korea’s recent launch of a Hyunmoo-2C ballistic missile was notable for many reasons. The missile was launched from a truck on a jack-up barge that Dave Schmerler identified as the SIRIUS.  Planet has images of the barge at the dock at the Anheung Proving Ground (on June 4) and at sea just prior to the launch (June 21). I’ve created an annotated satellite image to help explain the layout of the Anheung Proving Ground.

And, although we had previously identified the location of the Anheung Proving Ground, the images of South Korean President Moon Jae-in shaking hands and posing for pictures are geolocation catnip.

I also unleashed an unholy tweet-storm authored a well-considered thread if you want to read more about South Korea’s missile program.

And, a podcast will drop in a few days.

(Special thanks to Jonathan McDowell who found the NOTAM.)