Michael KreponHoliday Greetings: Rave On, Dear Friends

Guidance from Van Morrison:

Rave on John Donne, rave on thy Holy fool
Down through the weeks of ages
In the moss borne dark dank pools
Rave on, down through the industrial revolution
Empiricism, atomic and nuclear age
Rave on down through time and space down through the corridors
Rave on words on printed page

We have work to do after the holidays. Those who take pride in tearing down proven methods to reduce nuclear dangers will again try stuff that will backfire. Paul Warnke once told me that if ideologues ever succeeded in killing arms control, it would have to be reinvented. We have battles to fight, and we will win our share. We will have to begin anew to teach lessons that were once well learned but have been widely forgotten.

All this in due course. For now, dear readers, savor the blessings of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness with family, loved ones, and friends.


  1. Steven Hayden (History)

    May you listen with your ears and your heart. The deaf and blind hopefully will not require a nuclear explosion to get the message. Jesus came “so that the blind might see and those who see might be made blind.”

  2. G. Sylvie Davies (History)

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