Jeffrey LewisEgypt’s Missile Programs

Did you know Egypt has a robust ballistic missile program?  And has had, since the 1960s?  Or that Egypt worked with Argentina and Iraq to design missiles?  Or that Egypt was the source of the missiles that are the basis of North Korea’s missile programs?  Ever wonder what the Egyptians are up to now?  Aaron and Jeffrey discuss one of the world’s least understood missile programs.


  1. Brian Kim (History)

    Just the beginning

  2. Tobias Piechowiak (History)

    michael karpin had an entire chapter in his book “the bomb in the basement” about the egyptian missile trials. A lot were germans from the Peeneluende” club, especially one Wolfgang Pilz who also was involved in early Chinese missile developments.
    Otto Jollick was part of this crew but obviously decided to make some of the activities public. I can’t remember exactly but I think he turnes out to be a fake…