Jeffrey LewisBarry’s Legacy and the Bomb

Like every other two term President, Barack Obama has turned attention in the final months has turned to his legacy, and what he might do on nuclear weapons policy. Aaron and Jeffrey recorded a new podcast to discuss the reports that Obama considered and rejected no first use, and what he might do as his term comes to an end.

Josh Rogin, “Obama plans major nuclear policy changes in his final months,” Washington Post, July 10, 2016.

David Sanger and William Broad, “Obama Unlikely to Vow No First Use of Nuclear Weapons,” New York Times, September 5, 2016.

Julian Borger, “Obama to decide on cuts to US nuclear arsenal in October,” The Guardian, September 17, 2016.


  1. EJ (History)

    I’ve been looking around for a link to your nuclear attack timeline that you’ve mentioned a few times. Can you link us to it?

  2. E. Parris (History)

    Obama, contrary to some reports, will not attempt to tie the hands of his successor with last-minute changes to his nuclear doctrine.. .