Aaron SteinNorth Korea’s KN-11 Goes Kablooie

North Korea tested a submarine launched ballistic missile called the KN-11. The North Koreans released footage of the test that showed the missile soaring into the heavens. A close analysis of the footage by the Middlebury Institute team, however, determined that is exploded catastrophically shortly after launch. Jeffrey and Aaron discuss North Korea’s missile programs, the analysis of the test and what we should do about a problem like this.

Catherine Dill, “Video Analysis of DPRK SLBM Footage,” Arms Control Wonk, January 12, 2016

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  1. Brian (History)

    Questions: Should South Korea resume nuclear weapon project? What is your opinion on South Korea missile capabilities?

  2. Carl Muller (History)

    This podcast ended on a very somber note. NK will continue to pursue its nuclear weapon technology and its missile development. There is little the UN , the US and its allies can do to stop them. Sanctions are not going to deter Kim. They also have a large conventional armed forces capability on the border with the south. The Korean peninsula is the most dangerous place on earth.

    Kim also believes what his military tells him, that they have powerful bombs and advanced missiles that can strike the US enemy. So, there exists on the penninsula an incredibly dangerous equation: a war that has not ended , armies facing off against each others across a thin parallel line ,a insulated madman , nuclear bombs and short as well as medium range missiles This is a disaster waiting to ignite very very scary.