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North Korea’s New Satellite

ACW Podcast

North Korea finally got a reconnaissance satellite into orbit, after several failed prior attempts! While it is a little rough around the edges, every program has to start somewhere. Jeffrey and Aaron talk through the implications of the DPRK’s reconnaissance satellite, the relationship of the DPRK missile and space programs, and the importance of high …

The Reason We’re all Still Here

Take a listen to the latest season of Jeffrey Lewis’s podcast, The Reason We’re All Still Here Far too often, governments behave like toddlers. They’re fickle. They don’t like to share. And good luck getting them to pay attention to any problem that isn’t directly in front of them. They like to push each other to …

Shenanigans in Novaya Zemlya

Looks like everyone is preparing for a party.  Between Russia’s potential un-signing of a nuclear test treaty, threats to test “if the United States does,” and refurbishments at Novaya Zemlya, things aren’t looking great for the longevity of nuclear test ban norms. China and the U.S. have been modernizing too, though the U.S. has offered …

Nuclear Test Sites Are Too Damn Busy

This is the written summary accompanying the satellite images we provided to CNN about the worrisome levels of activity we see at Russian, Chinese and US nuclear test sites.