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Iran & the Bomb 1: How Close Is Iran?

Jeffrey Lewis | Jan 19, 2006 | Relevancy Score: 4203.03

steps for Iran to make fissile material for a bomb, along with a nifty satellite image (at right) of Iran’s Fuel Enrichment Plant (FEP) at Natanz. Most references to Iran


Closing the Iran File

Mark Hibbs | Jul 04, 2013 | Relevancy Score: 3992.88

What’s all this got to do with Iran? In December 2003, Iran and the IAEA signed an Additional Protocol for Iran, and in May 2004, Iran submitted an initial expanded…


Iran’s Centrifuges and Bushehr

Mark Hibbs | Mar 14, 2014 | Relevancy Score: 3922.83

could contribute to a comprehensive agreement between the six powers and Iran. Let’s be clear that so far there’s no hard and fast deal for new Russian reactors in Iran,…


Amano’s Move on Marivan

Mark Hibbs | Dec 17, 2014 | Relevancy Score: 3922.83

IAEA might consider pursuing Iran’s Marivan gambit for another reason: Promoting the implementation of Iran’s Additional Protocol. Iran’s AP includes Article 8: ‘Nothing is this Protocol shall preclude Iran from…


Helping Iran Make TRR Fuel

Mark Hibbs | Apr 05, 2013 | Relevancy Score: 3852.78

powers negotiating with Iran were to contemplate a new TRR fuel deal with Iran and it failed to materialize, the most likely showstopper might not be whether Iran could be…


“Engage Iran” — What Does It Mean?

Mark Hibbs | Feb 07, 2012 | Relevancy Score: 3782.73

the war of words and deeds–Iran beginning uranium enrichment at Fordo, threats by Israelis to bomb targets in Iran, Iranian war games and threats to block the Strait of Hormuz…


Goldschmidt on Iran

Jeffrey Lewis | Feb 23, 2012 | Relevancy Score: 3782.73

Pierre Goldschmidt imagines a fictional conversation with a senior Iranian official that presents in lively way the arguments in his excellent talk, The Iranian Nuclear Issue: Achieving a Win-Win Diplomatic…


The IR-40 and Diplomacy

Mark Hibbs | Oct 24, 2013 | Relevancy Score: 3712.68

assemblies. Because of sanctions, Iran can’t test the fuel abroad. What to do? In theory, Iran could rely on testing individual segments of the fuel in Iran. Given Iran’s current…


Ferenc on a 2-Stage Iran Deal

Jeffrey Lewis | Jun 25, 2014 | Relevancy Score: 3502.53

P5+1 and Iran and the Frameworks for Cooperation that followed between the IAEA and Iran. Iran has suspended its enrichment of near-20% UF6, has blended down or converted to uranium…


Jofi Joseph on the Iran Deal

Jeffrey Lewis | Apr 07, 2015 | Relevancy Score: 3502.53

the modernization of Iran’s enrichment program.   Broad Constraints on Iran’s R&D Capability   Some critics argue that, because Iran will be permitted to continue limited research and development on…




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