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Joseph on India

Jeffrey Lewis | Jul 21, 2006 | Relevancy Score: 349.16

Friend of Wonk Jofi Joseph has a great op-ed in Defense News, arguing that the Administration should admit that the US-India nuclear deal trades nonproliferation interests for a strategic partnership…


Bolton on North Korea

Jane Vaynman | May 19, 2007 | Relevancy Score: 349.16

Which other nuclear aspirants, exactly? By my count there is Iran, and well, Iran. The other candidates are quite far from this point (in some cases technologically, in others politically)…


New START At A Crossroads

Jeffrey Lewis | Nov 08, 2010 | Relevancy Score: 349.16

…investments in the modernization of the US nuclear-weapons complex. This is a pretty good deal for NNSA, the national laboratories and the rest of the nuclear-weapons complex. They have gone…


Fuel Swaps v Escrow: Compromise Possible?

Joshua Pollack | Nov 15, 2009 | Relevancy Score: 349.16

The Iran-IAEA LEU-for-TRR-fuel deal is running out of time, President Obama says. And as the LEU–TRR deal goes, it’s pretty safe to say, so goes the West’s preferred strategy of…


Guest Post: The Prague Agenda in a Post-Truth World

Joshua Pollack | Feb 06, 2017 | Relevancy Score: 349.16

…regarding nuclear weapons have arguably worsened. The Iran deal Predictable fault lines drew around the Iran deal, with critics complaining that the country’s uranium enrichment set a dangerous precedent, sunset…


Nuclear Dangers: Now What?

Michael Krepon | Nov 10, 2014 | Relevancy Score: 349.16

…actually. The big “get” remains a nuclear deal with Iran that leaves Tehran far more poorly positioned to sprint to a nuclear arsenal than the cartoon depiction of the problem…


The Lure and Illusion of Consensus

Michael Krepon | Jan 21, 2019 | Relevancy Score: 349.16

…Trump walked away from Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran before the five-year mark. Is it reasonable to expect consensus on these matters when Washington-based Republicans and Democrats are so…


Leaving the Mothership

Michael Krepon | Feb 28, 2014 | Relevancy Score: 349.16

…control and reduction treaties were enabled and undercut by deal-making. The practice of securing 67 votes in return for modernizing delivery vehicles and infrastructure began with the Limited Test Ban…


Biden’s Immediate Agenda Items

Michael Krepon | Nov 29, 2020 | Relevancy Score: 349.16

…the door for deal making. This one may not. It’s also worth recalling that the Obama administration faced majorities in both houses of Congress opposed to the Iran nuclear deal,…


Paris Negotiations Update 8:Solana: EU-Iran Deal "Pretty Close"

Jeffrey Lewis | Nov 09, 2004 | Relevancy Score: 349.16

EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana told Reuters that “Progress has been made and we are waiting now for the final response from Iran” regarding the compromise negotiated in Paris….




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