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Iran: The Verification Trap

Paul Kerr | Dec 07, 2004 | Relevancy Score: 489.07

the most verifiable deal possible obviously ought to be a priority for the EU-3, but watch for the administration to say “Hey, we supported the deal, but the Iranians just…


The New Isolationism

Michael Krepon | Sep 15, 2015 | Relevancy Score: 419.2

Iran deal. His successors will, too. Conventional wisdom holds that a Republican President will return the GOP back to its moorings of diplomatic engagement and deal-making, but I have my…


Paris Negotiations Update 12: Iran Deal Forthcoming

Jeffrey Lewis | Nov 14, 2004 | Relevancy Score: 419.2

Iran has agreed to suspend enrichment. Tehran still must inform the IAEA. “A deal for a full suspension is done but the IAEA has not received a letter confirming it,”…


India update

James Acton | Jul 08, 2008 | Relevancy Score: 419.2

hasn’t yet made a judgment on the deal… [My italics] Intriguing. However, his life would have been made much easier had it been Indian domestic politics that scuppered the deal….


Emerging Powers and Nuclear Politics

Jeffrey Lewis | Mar 20, 2013 | Relevancy Score: 419.2

…a lesson from the deal Lula and Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan tried to make with Iran in May 2010. In essence, Lula and Erdogan stuck their necks out to encourage…


Do As I Say, Not As I Do: Demanding Strengthened Inspections in Iran

Michael Krepon | Oct 30, 2017 | Relevancy Score: 419.2

…when the tables are turned. Of course, the tables won’t be turned on the Iran deal; they can only be upended. Under this deal, all the meaningful obligations to constrain…


Bolton Lobbies Against North Korea Deal

Jeffrey Lewis | Oct 23, 2007 | Relevancy Score: 419.2

Susan Crabtree in The Hill reports that John Bolton is lobbying against the North Korea deal: Other top Bush administration officials, such as former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, have criticized…


On Fabius and the Iran Deal

Jeffrey Lewis | Oct 17, 2016 | Relevancy Score: 419.2

…Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) — better known as the Iran Deal. Jeffrey and Aaron discuss what the revelations mean for the past and present of the US-Iran relationship….


Is the Bush Administration Too Divided To Deal With North Korea?

Jeffrey Lewis | Jun 22, 2005 | Relevancy Score: 419.2

…Libyans who managed to get a deal only after Bush removed Bolton from the portfolio. Fear of a North Korean end-run around the hard-liners would also explain Bolton’s efforts to…


China Pakistan Nuclear Deal

James Acton | Oct 22, 2008 | Relevancy Score: 419.2

…yet succeed in talking China out of this sale (although I’m not holding my breath), but it’s hard to imagine China announcing this agreement had the US-India deal not happened….




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