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The U.S.’s Post-INF Ballistic Missile

ACW Podcast

Launch a missile, get a pod, post-INF Treaty edition.  On December 12, 2019, the U.S. Air Force and the Strategic Capabilities office tested a “prototype conventionally-configured, ground-launched ballistic missile” from Vandenberg AFB. The trio talks Twitter hot takes, the Strategic Capabilities Office, the future of U.S. missile procurement, and the future of intermediate-range ballistic missiles. …

North Korea’s Mysterious Engine Test

Sohae is open for business! The ACW Gang talks North Korea’s recent engine test at Sohae and marvels (again) at the power of satellite imagery. Was this test Kim’s “Christmas Gift” to Trump? Or just a stocking stuffer?  Support us over at!

The Future of Opens Skies

What is the future of the Open Skies Treaty? The Arms Control Wonk trio talk the Open Skies Treaty, the conspiracy theories that now permeate the debate about Russian aircraft, and why the treaty matters. Support us over at!

Disruption and Regression

Quote of the week: “When Presidents become negotiators no escape routes are left for diplomacy. Concessions are irrevocable without dishonor. A stalemate stakes the personal prestige of the office; a mistake requires an admission of error. And since heads of government would not have chosen this career without a healthy dose of ego, negotiations can …

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