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Heroes of Arms Control: Thomas Schelling

Michael Krepon

Quote of the week: “There has never been any doubt about the military effectiveness of nuclear weapons or their potential for terror. A large part of the credit for their not having been used must be due to the “taboo” that Secretary of State Dulles perceived to have attached itself to these weapons as early …

The Wollo-Ri Suspected Nuclear Warhead Manufacturing Facility

Another day, another suspected nuclear facility in North Korea. Anne and Jeffrey discuss the Wollo-ri Suspected Nuclear Warhead Manufacturing Facility.  They discuss how the CNS team has monitored this site since 2015, the satellite imagery analysis that went into it, and Ankit Panda’s impressive sourcing. They also discuss the immediate pushback, claims that this site …

Wollo-ri Nuclear Facility

This is the analysis that accompanies the CNN story titled “New satellite imagery shows activity at suspected North Korean nuclear facility” by Zachary Cohen. The Wollo-ri Suspected Nuclear Warhead Manufacturing Facility Catherine Dill, David Laboon, Jeffrey Lewis, David Schmerler In 2018, some of us at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS) successfully identified …

Mysterious Explosions in Iran

In a cross-over podcast with FPRI’s Middle East Brief, Aaron speaks with Fabian Hinz, a frequent guest on the podcast, about the recent explosions in Iran and what open source intelligence has revealed about the two incidents. You can find the Foreign Policy Research Institute’s Middle East Brief at: Support us over at!

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