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Iskander, INF and Kaliningrad

Jeffrey Lewis

Russia deployed the Iskander missile system to its tiny enclave of Kaliningrad for a training exercise and is reportedly churning out ground-launched cruise missiles like sausages. The 1987 INF Treaty is probably in a lot of trouble, which is as good a reason as any for podcast. Vadim, you have bag? Ok, we go.

Yemen’s Burkan-1 Missile

Yemen showed off a new missile called the Burkan-1 that looks an awful lot like an Extended Range Scud (aka the Scud D). Aaron and Jeffrey discuss the very ignored missile program of a very ignored country.

Elections, Fear of the Bomb, and the Great Unraveling

Thankfully, a dispiriting election season in the United States is almost over. France and Germany await their ordeals. Democracies have been battered by the Great Recession, triggered by the greed of financial institutions and abetted by weak governmental regulations. Fears of displacement and loss have been fueled by the influx of foreign workers and the …

Pakistan’s Compulsion is Not a Choice

Note to readers: My recent essay, “Pakistan’s Choice,” met with mixed reviews, at best, from colleagues in Pakistan. I wrote about the growing distance between Pakistani security narratives and narratives that outsiders hold about Pakistan. Patching up relations won’t happen without personal and intellectual engagement. So I asked Adil Sultan to provide ACW readers with …

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