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Grading the NPR: New Warheads

Stockpile Numbers

Hoffman on the NPR

Grading the NPR: Transparency

The Pivot

Regional Nuclear Weapons Free Zones

Plague and Cholera

Rozen on the Nuclear Posture Review

Yes, It's the Other Area

Activists Breach Security at Kleine Brogel

NNSA’s Big Budget, START and CTBT

Declaratory Policy

Ros-Lehtinen on Arms Control

More on Britain's Independent Deterrent

Vacuum Tubes for Chu

Chinese Alert Rates and Russian Paranoia

Gates On 'Likely Conclusions' of NPR

B61 Replacement and Vacuum Tubes

SECDEF Tried to Revive RRW in June

African Nuclear Weapon Free Zone

Forget the Posture Commission, OK?

NPR Fact Sheets

The Kyl Amendment

Donald Report

HASC Language on Stockpile Management

UK Trident Yield

Sagan on No First Use

Show me the FOGBANK

W76 Problems Seem Overblown

Libby Turpen on NNSA's Future

The Trouble With Zero

The Two Perrys

Vacuum Tubes

Bodman Letter to Gates on RRW

T-Baum on RRW

Did Congress Define "New" Nukes?

When SSBNs Collide

Posture Commission Interim Report

Meet the erLEP

Blair on The Ever-Ready Nuclear Misileer

We Don't Need No Water, Let the Mother …

B61 Mod 12 LEP

Test Ban Fiasco

Life After RRW

W76 LEP Completely Baked

BUFF Blogging for Arms Control

W76 LEP Back on Track

State Won't Clear Nuke Strategy Paper

Atomic Topiary

Another Foul-Up At Minot

Minimum Deterrence Essay Online

Minimum Deterrence

No Nukes At Lakenheath

Strategic Posture Commission Update 2

NATO Nukes Not Secure

House E&W Denies Funding for RRW, Again

More Nuclear Mistakes

iPhone Blogging

Janne Nolan, Tuesday @ NAF, 12:15

How Many Nuclear Weapons Do We Need?

Nuclear Strategy Follow-On White Paper Deux

DEPSECDEF Deeply Confused

Nothing Like This Can Happen

French Nuclear Reductions

Strategic Posture Commission Announced


Interesting Things I Heard Today

Greetings from Oslo

Off to Oslo!

French Nuclear Posture

Life After the RRW & Virtual Swords

A Modest, Yet Welcome, Reduction

Janne Nolan, Me on Next NPR

Follow-On White Paper Rumor

5 Myths About the Bomb


RRW Gets $15 M in 6.2A Dough

Arsenals of Folly

No PALs For Paks

Suitcase Nukes

Hair Trigger Alert

In Memoriam, Randall Forsberg

An "Isolated Incident"

NNSA Cover Letter to Congress

Fire Resistant Pits

What Went Wrong At Minot

Org Theory and the Barksdale Bombs

High Surety Warhead, 2

High Surety Warhead

US Nuclear Stockpile, 1990

Ike, Dubya and Nuclear Forces

Ruling Out The Use of Nuclear Weapons

Securing Pakistan's Nukes

Nuclear Strategy Follow-On White Paper

Will China's Deterrent Go To Sea?

More on Harvey & RRW

Strategic Posture Commission

Seismology, Schmeizology

Britain To Replace Trident

How Long For Japan To Build A Deterrent?

W56 Safety Problem?

DSB Task Force: Nuclear Weapons Rule!

Trident Replacement

Live Blogging Me!

3 Studies Show Pu Pits Age Well

Pu: Still Ages Like Sophia Loren

NORK Nuke Missile?

Terror Farm, Part 1

Special Fissionable Materials

James Van Allen, 1914-2006

So Long, Cheyenne Mountain

Reliable Replacement Warhead Redux

Nukes: Betcha Can't Make Just One!

Securing the Bomb 2006

The Notorious 7.2.1.

Nuclear Football

Communicating with SSBNs

Divine Strake

Pu Aging


Subcritical Nuclear Test


Plutonium Ages Better Than Sophia Loren

Greetings from Colorado Springs

No Sled Test At Sandia

WMD Procurement Networks in Europe


Happy New Year

Four Star Blogger

RNEP Mopping Up

WSJ On Reliable Replacement Warhead

New Triad 4: ChiCom EMP Threat?

New Triad 2: Cambone on the New Triad

New Triad 1: Tailored Deterrence

A Nuclear Doctrine That Doesn't Deter

RNEP Raises Its Ugly Head, Again

RRW Update

Not Your Daddy's Triad

20th Century Castles

NNSA Denies Axeing RNEP

Wolf In Sled's Clothing?

NNSA Asks Congress to Drop RNEP

URRW Update

Remote Detection of Nuclear Proliferation

2ND Artillery Launches PP Assault

The Admiral

My Lil' PONI

MI5 Document on Proliferation

RRW: Los Alamos vs. Livermore

Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations (Joint Publication 3-12) Revisted

US Proposed Amendments: Disarmament and Nonproliferation

Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT)

Uranium Reliable Replacement Warhead (URRW)

Back to the Future: U235 Designs for the Reliable Replacement Warhead?

Air Force May Convert 50 ICBMs to Conventional Roles

HEU Exports Revisited

CRS: Reliable Replacement Warhead on Fast Track

Fun With Nuclear Targeting

China's Ballistic Missiles

China and "No First Use"

National Ignition Facility

Progess on CTR With Bolton Out the Door?

Boost Gas and the Reliable Replacement Warhead (RRW) Program

Hitlers Bombe Won't Go Away

National Nuclear Security Administration Advisory Committee

Rogue State HDBTs Revisted

Who's Keeping the Nuclear Weapons in Europe?

Oh, Steve Rademaker

Hands Off My Nukes! Does Rumsfeld Want NNSA?

Reliable Replacement Warhead Program, Redux

Today's Nuclear Equation

Brooks on the Reliable Replacement Warhead

Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations (Joint Publication 3-12)

W-76, Nuclear Testing and the Reliable Replacement Warhead Program


Bhutto Interview with VOA

Brooks on RNEP

480 Nuclear Weapons in Europe

Gertz and Xiong: A Love Torn Asunder

Bush Slashes CTBTO Contribution (Dumb Austerity Measure 1)

Reliable Replacement Warhead program

RNEP Shuffle

STRATCOM to lead DOD WMD efforts

Hobson at ACA

RNEP Correction

North Korea Sold UF6 to Libya

RNEP Returns

Whirledview: A New Blog of Note

Iraq Nuclear Scientist Publishes Memoir

QDR May Examine Nuclear Missions, Strike Options Against China

DF-31 is NOT deployed, got that?

How Many Chinese Nuclear Weapons Redux 3

The Japanese Made Us Do It

Iraq Survey Group Ends Work

Deutch on the US Nuclear Arsenal

OPLAN 8044

Dimona Revealed

CTR Funding Restored and a little Administrivia

NSPD 28: Nuclear Weapons Command, Control, Safety, and Security

LLNL to Simulate Nuclear Explosion

Hu Jintao visits Zhu Guangya

What the F*ck is Don Rumsfeld Talking About?

IC Can't Verify Moscow Treaty

Abraham on U.S.-China Nuclear Cooperation

Trial Balloon Notification 1: Nuclear Weapons Spending


CISAC Summer Symposium

The other shoe … (Nuclear Testing)

Hobson Smacks Back Bush Nuclear Initiatives

Proliferation Security Initiative: Less than Meets the Eye?

A bad couple of days for arms control …

Mass and Yield of Chinese Nuclear Warheads

Defense Science Board Task Force on Future Strategic Strike Forces

Mordechai Vanunu, Israel and the Bomb

How many Chinese Nuclear Weapons Redux

Russian Defense Minister Ivanov and the Ideology of the Nuclear Posture Review

Nuclear Disarmament

How many Chinese nuclear weapons?

US Torpedoes the CD

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